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          Aled Jones

           ·    Berllan Helyg, Llangollen

           ·    1,200 ewes: Beulah cross Lleyn and Lleyn, of which 25% allocated for breeding ewe lambs

          Aled Jones, contract shepherd to Rupert Greenwell

         Adding value with Aberfield

Aled Jones’ simple decision to swap traditional genetics for the Aberfield is enabling him to add value to both his crossbred ewe lambs and wethers. 

“These Aberfield cross Lleyn ewe lambs are meeting a strong demand from lowland producers throughout the country looking for a stronger framed, higher performance cross bred female capable of rearing twins off grass, and they’re achieving a bonus for us. Furthermore, we’re finding the wethers are better performing,” he says.

“We used to focus on breeding Welsh Mule gimmers, however we decided to spread the risk; we agreed to grade up the Beulah ewes to pure Lleyn status in order to achieve a more robust female with better temperament, breed all our own replacements and then cross to the Aberfield.

“Compared with traditional Welsh Mules, these Aberfield cross Lleyn lambs are born with a lot more wool which is a real bonus since we lamb outdoors on a hill unit that runs to 1,500’, and winters seem to be a lot more severe. The ewe lambs have a lot better conformation, added to that, we’ve found the wether lambs are finishing to heavier weights and achieving better grades, or alternatively selling as strong stores.

“We were also attracted to Aberfield genetics from Innovis because every sheep is performance recorded, so we have information on its genetic ability. He adds: “We plan to continue this strategy, we are finding there is an apparent ready demand for the Aberfield cross Lleyn – in fact last year we sold the entire crop to lowland Scottish producers – and ultimately receive a greater end value.”

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The Aberfield has the ability to produce better conformed crossbred lambs, and is selected for maternal attributes as well as growth and muscling, with lambing percentage of 180% from a relatively low cost base compared to traditional crossbreds



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