Increasing output and improving efficiency

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with Frank Lloyd, Herefordshire

Herefordshire sheep produces will be able to find how to increase output and improve their efficiency at an Innovis open evening hosted by Frank Lloyd at New House Farm, Kilpeck on Tuesday 4 July at 3pm.

Mr Lloyd will be discussing how his Aberfield cross ewes are enabling a 33% increase in output per acre from his commercial flock together with improved margin.

Responding to the challenge of improving output and efficiency to cover the rent and more, he says being flexible and prepared to listen and learn were the drivers. “Stocking rate was at the heart of the issue which we are now successfully addressing. Whilst our Suffolk cross Mule ewes had done a cracking good job, it was time to move on. Introducing the Aberfield cross Welsh ewe has enabled us to step up stocking rate to five ewes and lambs from the previous of 3.5 Suffolk cross Mule ewes per acre. In turn, the Aberfield crosses produce an additional two lambs per acre,” he says.

“The Aberfield crosses lamb with minimal assistance, the lambs are virile and these ewes demonstrate good mothering ability taking both their lambs with them, and from our experience last year, unlike other smaller breeds, 19kg to 21kg deadweight lambs is easily achieved.

“Furthermore, the Aberfield cross ewes require noticeably fewer inputs. Compared with our hungry Suffolk crosses, they ate 50% less concentrate in the final four weeks prior to lambing, the Aberfield crosses have good foot structure which has led to a significant reduction in lameness incidences and overall vet and med costs have reduced by £2 per ewe.”

Grazing specialist, Charlie Morgan will also be discussing how to make more from grass by introducing a rotational grazing system and reseeding programme.

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